Best Gold Coast Activities During a Rainy Day

Have you ever found yourself on the stunning Gold Coast, ready for a day full of adventure, only to be met with unexpected rain? Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits – the Gold Coast has a vibrant array of activities that shine even on a rainy day. From cozy indoor attractions to unique rainy-day experiences, we’ve curated a guide to ensure your Gold Coast getaway remains unforgettable, rain or shine!




Timezone on the Gold Coast has been a staple for as long as we can remember and is the go-to activity when the beach isn’t an option. The recently renovated Timezone Surfers Paradise features a 200 sqm bumper car track, an open-plan prize shop stocked with tempting toys, candies, and collectibles, a heart-pounding laser tag arena, and an on-site café. And let’s not overlook Zone Bowling, which is conveniently located next door!


Archie Brothers, Hijinx Hotel, and Holey Moley in Surfers offer an unbeatable combination for the ultimate triple threat of entertainment on rainy days. With immersive game rooms, your favourite arcade games, bumper cars, and mini golf, this entertainment precinct beneath the highly popular Cali Beach in Surfers Paradise is a game-changer for those seeking fun. Click here for a discounted Archie Bros fun bundle.


Cabaret Shows


During a Gold Coast rainy day, Dracula’s, The Pink Flamingo, and Australian Outback Spectacular all promise nights of complete entertainment! Drac’s offers a blend of burlesque, contemporary music, comedy, and dining, all within one incredible venue. Just be aware that Drac’s is an MA15+ show, so leave the kids at home and prepare to be entertained!



Pink Flamingo, hosting hundreds of guests weekly, features three resident productions: Ripped, Zirque La La, and Forbidden. The Australian Outback Spectacular provides a family-friendly Australiana dinner and show package showcasing Australian animals, songs, and bush tucker.


The Star Gold Coast


A haven for adults, The Star Gold Coast stands as the ultimate entertainment destination on those dreary weather days. Indulge in a feast at one of its award-winning restaurants, catch a captivating show or concert at the theatre, or enjoy the company of friends while being seen.



Infinity Attraction


A definite crowd-pleaser, Infinity Attraction in Surfers Paradise is a fun activity to enjoy with friends. The maze at Infinity is both challenging and mind-blowing, featuring unique special effects filled 20 multi-sensory environments, sensuous aromas, emotive, atmospheric sound fields, ultra-groovy music, and fantastic illusions that seem to stretch to infinity!


Escape Rooms


When it is rainy on the Gold Coast, gather a group of friends, set aside the mobile phones for an hour, and immerse yourself in some enjoyable challenges! Take your pick from Eclipse Escape Rooms, Escape Hunt in Southport, Surfers Paradise’s Fox in a Box, and Padlock’d. Engage your brain as you have 60 minutes to decipher clues, solve puzzles, and escape! Discounts are available; click here for more details.


For a unique and thrilling experience, check out the newly opened Other World HQ in Surfers. It features the immersive Saboteurs, inspired by the real-life world of “Among Us.” Moreover, if you want to unleash some rage, try the Rage Cage in Southport, with a discount available here.


Miami Marketta


Another activity you can do during a rainy day on the Gold Coast is shop in Miami Marketta. Join the food stall craze at Miami Marketta every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 5 pm onward. This undercover haven offers mouthwatering food stalls, shopping, and live music—an ideal spot for a rainy-day date night.





In addition to the list is shooting. For an exhilarating experience with real firearms and ammo, the Southport Indoor Pistol Club is the place to be. No licenses or prior experience is required; they provide a range of weapons, from rifles, pistols, and shotguns to tactical ones. Your only challenge? Choosing one! Click here for their latest discounted offer.



Ripley’s Believe it or not!


During a Gold Coast rainy day, step into Ripley’s, an indoor attraction that intrigues individuals, families, and friends alike. With an array of odd, unique artifacts, art, photographs, and stories from 200+ countries, it’s a journey through the extraordinary. Explore their new attractions and enjoy an exclusive offer by clicking here.



The Wax Museum


A longstanding attraction on the Gold Coast, The Wax Museum invites you for a guided tour. It features an ancient torture method or a starstruck encounter with Hollywood’s finest. Get up close with celebrities or even royalty and avail yourself of a 10% discount on your entry by clicking here.



Go Karting


Another Gold Coast activity you can do on a rainy day is Go Karting. Located just 10 minutes from Surfers Paradise, Slideways Go Karting Centre in Nerang offers a uniquely designed track and surface that allows karts to drift and get Slideways! The weather does not affect Their indoor go-kart track, ensuring it’s open rain, hail, or shine. Achieving a successful lap takes talent because there are twenty modern Sodi karts in Europe, each with a de-governed, four-stroke Honda kart engine producing nine horsepower.



Head to a Day Spa


Indulge in self-love, especially on rainy days when you crave warmth and coziness indoors. Treat yourself to a day at the spa; check out the most popular day spas on the Gold Coast here.


Adventure Knows No Weather on the Gold Coast!


In summary, the Gold Coast transforms a gloomy day into an exciting adventure with activities like escape rooms, indoor go-karting, and soothing spa retreats, even on a rainy day. No longer confined by the weather, these diverse options promise to turn rainy days into vibrant experiences, ensuring that the Gold Coast remains an enticing destination regardless of the forecast.


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