Are Surfers Happier Than People Who Don’t Surf?

There is something about surfing that makes surfers happier and chill. It’s not only because riding the waves is fun or because this popular water sport is relaxing. There’s more about surfing that makes a person happier than others.


Are surfers happier than people who don’t surf? Yes, it’s because surfers release feel-good hormones like endorphins and adrenaline when they surf. The negative ions from the ocean breeze also serve as vitamins from the sea, making people happier. Surfing is also a form of meditation and socialization that helps improve mental health.


Let me explain the reasons why surfers are happier than those who don’t participate in this sport below:


Hormones Race


While surfing the waves, surfers expel a lot of endorphins and adrenaline. These two hormones released by the brain raise blood pressure and heart rate.


Moreover, the adrenaline rush makes you feel incredibly alive. Endorphins have analgesic effects and share chemical similarities with opiates. It implies that while riding a wave, you will experience incredibly strong feelings, including happiness and natural healing for any ailments you may have!

Contact With the Ocean


Numerous studies have found that being near the beach is good for our physical, emotional, and mental health. Time spent by the sea, particularly when surfing, can boost your mood and leave you feeling more alive. Even the almost universal appeal of the colour blue reveals our affection for water. A marketing study shows that individuals frequently relate the colour blue to attributes like receptivity, wisdom, serenity, and profundity.


Additionally, happiness linked to surfing is due to the negative ions from the sea and the sea spray. Negative ions are unseen molecules from the water that are released after a wave crashes. 


Moving air, sunlight, water, or radiation can alter a molecule’s electric charge. It is precisely what takes place when waves break. This ion disturbance gives the surfers a tiny vitamin boost, a treat from the water directly into the lungs. Negative ions also help alter brainwaves that result in feeling good.


The Ocean Breeze


Surfing can make people happy. That’s a fact.


We go surfing for various reasons, including the happiness it gives us. If surfing made us depressed or furious, we wouldn’t surf. The estimated 23 million individuals worldwide prove that.


There is a scientific explanation that people surf in addition to the apparent joy of chasing waves, and that is because surfing truly makes you feel high. Surfing and happiness are scientifically associated since the air above the ocean charge you with happy thoughts!


Learning to Be Patient


Surfing makes people happy and patient, too, since it’s impossible to surf all the time. First of all, not all surfers reside on beaches. So, they have to wait until they can reach the ocean. Once there, they must wait for the perfect wave to come.


They must acknowledge that not every day’s conditions are ideal and that they may not always be favourable for surfing. All these steps train surfers to be adaptable individuals who enjoy change and each day as it comes. After all, among the secrets to a happy life is acceptance!


Free Mind


You must focus while surfing. You must pay complete attention to the waves and the ocean, which means you have no time to consider your job, studies, or other issues.


The waves will be the only thing on which your entire thoughts will be fixed. It is a beneficial activity for letting go of all your concerns and feeling happy and liberated.


In addition, surfing can be your opportunity to meditate. If you don’t enjoy yoga or other forms of meditation, try surfing instead. Simply looking at the horizon, the changing colours of the sky, and feeling the caress of the wind can bring you to a state of meditation. Trust me. Surfing helps free your mind and makes you happy after a week of stressful life at home, school, or work.


Satisfaction and Contentment


The waves and the ocean breeze are enough to make a surfer happy. Surfers are people who devote a lot of time to the ocean with just a wetsuit and a surfboard in hand. To enjoy the day, surfers only need these things and nothing else. It entails living a modest life and not purchasing many unneeded items. The less you require, the happier you will be.



Surfing Allows You To Socialize


Social time on the water is quite valuable for increasing your happiness. Various studies have indicated that spending time with people around you has a significant impact on how motivated you are. Making friends helps make people happy.


A study places a currency value on people’s relationships. Then, they found that spending time with friends and family can be equivalent to $100,000 yearly. If you spend that money, it can only buy a little happiness. It means quality time with the people you treasure is more valuable.


Being Outdoor and the Sunlight


Renew your energy by catching the sunrise on your surfboard. Sunlight can also make you happier by boosting your mood. It’s something special to watch the sun peek over the horizon while you’re paddling out to catch some waves. The switching colours of the sky and the peacefulness of being on the water are the perfect way to start your day.


It provides you with a sense of clarity and the sensation that you are only a speck on a vast ocean, breathing to its rolling pulse. It is one of the aspects of surfing that makes me happy.


Surf Can Give You Many Reasons To Be Happier


There is something about surfing that makes me very happy. I love the sensation of riding a wave and the feeling of being in the ocean. Surfing is one of my favorite things to do and it always brings a smile to my face.


Now that this list has answered why surfers are happier than other people who don’t surf, you might grab a surfboard now and go straight to the beach. Surfing makes people happy by being a way to socialize, providing contentment and satisfaction, and teaching people how to be patient. The ocean breeze, the waves, and the sunlight also make surfers happy because of how it affects the brain, which you can learn more about in this article.


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