Affordable Things to Do on the Gold Coast this Summer Holiday

Discover budget-friendly delights on the Gold Coast this summer as we unveil a curated list of affordable activities. Maximize your holiday without breaking the bank!


Some of the fun, cheap activities to try on the Gold Coast this summer include hitting the Surfers Paradise Beach, going on a picnic at Burleigh Hill, paddle boarding at Tallebudgera Creek, bike riding at Surfers Paradise, and hiking in the Hinterlands.


Surfers Paradise Beach


Embark on a quintessential Queensland experience at the iconic Surfers Paradise Beach. When the sun graces the Gold Coast with its brilliance, revelling in the sun, sand, and surf becomes an absolute necessity. To ensure a delightful beach day, make sure to pack essentials. Among those are sunscreen and a hat, and always adhere to the safety guidelines by swimming between the designated flags.


Picnic at Burleigh Hill


A sojourn to Burleigh Heads is a Gold Coast essential, and the crown jewel for picnics is undeniably Burleigh Hill. It is located approximately 25 minutes from Surfers Paradise. The expansive hill provides ample space to sprawl out with a cozy picnic rug, delectable food, refreshing drinks, and cherished company. Moreover, the panoramic views of the Surfers Paradise skyline create an Instagram-worthy backdrop that lingers in your dreams.


Paddle Boarding at Tallebudgera Creek


Engage in the invigorating activity of paddle boarding amidst the serene beauty of Tallebudgera Creek, just a short 20-minute drive from Surfers Paradise. This picturesque creek caters to all skill levels, making it an ideal destination for beginners and experienced enthusiasts. For a mere $30, you can rent a paddleboard from Action Outdoor Hire and relish two hours of outdoor adventure.


Hiking in the Hinterlands


Another affordable Gold Coast summer holiday activity is hiking in the Hinterlands. Escape the bustling atmosphere of Surfers Paradise with a 45-minute drive to Natural Bridge in Springbrook. This place is a haven of tranquillity.


Moreover, the 1km rainforest walk unveils breathtaking scenery, including a mesmerizing natural waterfall. Encounter native wildlife such as birds, frogs, and koalas during the day.


Meanwhile, the night unveils the enchanting glow worms in a naturally formed cave. Entry to the national park is complimentary, providing an immersive experience in the heart of nature.


Surfers Paradise Bike Ride


Discover more of the stunning Gold Coast by renting a bike in Surfers Paradise and cruising down the coastline. A mere 10-minute bike ride takes you to the vibrant Broadbeach, while a more extended journey southward leads to the tranquil Mermaid Beach.


Moreover, enjoy the peaceful beachside ambience and explore numerous cafes. Bike rentals in Surfers Paradise start from an affordable $15, offering an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to explore the coastal beauty.


Experience Affordable Summer Thrills on Your Next Gold Coast Vacation!


In a nutshell, the Gold Coast isn’t just Surfers Paradise. Hit Surfers Paradise Beach for the classic sun, sand, and surf combo. Then, try paddleboarding at Tallebudgera Creek, biking along the coastline, and escaping to the hinterlands for a rainforest walk at Natural Bridge. Beyond the glitz, the Gold Coast has adventures and chill vibes waiting.