A Southern Gold Coast 3 Days Itinerary For Food Enthusiasts

The southern Gold Coast holds an array of delights, from its pristine beaches and renowned waves to its awe-inspiring natural landscapes. Yet amidst this beauty lies a hidden gem for food enthusiasts, boasting an abundance of local fare, freshly caught seafood, skilled artisans, and a burgeoning culinary scene that draws acclaimed chefs and restaurateurs. Here’s a three-day itinerary for food enthusiasts wanting to travel the Southern Gold Coast.


Day One


Palm Beach Farmers Markets (Breakfast)


This Southern Gold Coast itinerary starts at Palm Beach Farmers Markets. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Palm Beach Farmers Market atmosphere, a beloved gathering spot for locals and visitors every Saturday. Treat your senses to a refreshing beach bowl, invigorating juice, or vibrant smoothie, and don’t miss the delectable offerings at Mio’s Buckwheat Crepes.


Also, explore the array of fresh, seasonal fruits and locally produced delights. From raw snacks to homemade jams and sauces, ensure your pantry is stocked for culinary adventures ahead.



Scott’s Luncheonette Bar (Lunch)


After a leisurely morning at Currumbin Alley, venture to Scott’s Luncheonette & Bar, where mixologist extraordinaire Perry Scott showcases his culinary finesse alongside expertly crafted drinks. Moreover, delight in gourmet sandwiches like the Mexican Pork creation, a masterpiece of slow-cooked pork, zesty salsa, pickled red onion, and more.



Siblings (Dinner)


As evening falls, make your way to Kirra Beach and discover Siblings. It is one of the southern Gold Coast’s premier dining establishments. With its heritage-listed charm and beachfront setting, Siblings offers a breezy ambience perfectly complemented by Chef Blake Fewtrell’s homage to fresh seafood and local ingredients.


In addition, indulge in Ora King salmon paired with chilli ponzu and ginger. Then, have some standout mains like prawn and bug meat risotto, and conclude your meal with divine dessert and cocktail options.



Day Two


Niche & Co (Breakfast)


Start your day at Niche & Co., where a vegan and intolerance-friendly menu awaits. From award-winning acai bowls to innovative offerings like the vegan egg burger, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Relax amidst the beach-themed decor and enjoy coffee or alternative lattes.



Rainbow Bay Surf Life Saving Club (Lunch)


This Southern Gold Coast itinerary won’t be complete without a picturesque lunch at the Surf Life Saving Club in Rainbow Bay. It offers stunning views of the beach and lifeguard tower. Choose from a traditional pub-style menu while soaking in the coastal scenery and perhaps catch a glimpse of dolphins or whales before sunset.



Balter Brewing Company (Pre-Dinner Drinks)


Here’s an extra in this Southern Gold Coast itinerary. Before dinner, stop by Balter Brewing Company in Currumbin, founded by local pro surfers, among those is Mick Fanning. Then, sample their renowned boutique beers just meters from where they are brewed.



Currumbin RSL (Dinner)


Conclude your day at Currumbin RSL, where tranquil views of Currumbin Creek provide the backdrop for a memorable dining experience. Then, enjoy innovative dishes crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients in this boutique-style club setting.



Day Three


Refinery Coffee (Breakfast)


Savour breakfast at Refinery Coffee, a sleek yet inviting spot in the heart of Currumbin. Choose from a menu featuring nourishing foods like roasted field mushrooms or buckwheat waffles. Then, pair it with excellent Blackboard Coffee or alternative lattes.



Pasture and Co (Lunch)


Venture into the hinterland to discover Pasture & Co., a serene cafe in Currumbin Valley. Afterwards, indulge in locally sourced, organic fare amidst a lush green setting, and continue your communion with nature with a post-lunch excursion to nearby attractions.



Las Palmas (Dinner)


Conclude your culinary journey at Las Palmas, where South American flavours meet coastal charm. Experience traditional dishes with a creative twist, complemented by house cocktails and an impressive wine list. With its tropical ambience and ocean views, Las Palmas offers the perfect setting to unwind and reflect on your southern Gold Coast foodie escape.



Embrace the Culinary Charms of Southern Gold Coast


So there you have it! Three days of feasting, sipping, and soaking up the coastal vibes of the Southern Gold Coast. From brekkie bowls at the farmers market to sunset brews at the local brewery, it’s been a taste bud rollercoaster with a side of beach therapy.


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