2024 Cooly Classic & Gold Coast Swim Week

Prepare to make a splash at the 2024 Cooly Classic Ocean Swim, where swimmers worldwide come together for an electrifying display of aquatic talent! As the Gold Coast Swim Week unfolds, brace yourself for a whirlwind of excitement, where every stroke, every dive, and every breathtaking moment come together. These events will redefine the essence of competitive swimming in the sun-soaked paradise of the Gold Coast!


A Week of Thrilling Events and Coastal Fun


As the sun rises over the picturesque shores of the Gold Coast, anticipation fills the air for a week-long celebration of swimming prowess and coastal camaraderie. Welcome to Gold Coast Swim Week, where enthusiasts from across the nation gather to revel in the beauty of the ocean and the thrill of competition.


Gold Coast Swim Week promises to be bigger and better this year. Two significant events merge forces to create an unforgettable experience. From April 14th to April 20th, the coastline comes alive with the sounds of splashing waves and the cheers of supporters as swimmers of all levels come together to share their passion for the water.


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Cooly Classic Ocean Swim 2024 Begins


Kicking off the festivities is the much-anticipated Cooly Classic on Sunday, April 14th. This event allows participants to traverse a stunning course with the iconic coastline as their backdrop. Moreover, swimming amidst some of Australia’s most revered surf breaks is a rare opportunity.


From the legendary Snapper Rocks, swimmers will journey from Coolangatta to Kirra Beach. Along the way, they will pass by scenic spots like Rainbow Bay and Greenmount. With distances ranging from 1km to 5km, there’s something for everyone, but the 2.0km Cooly Classic truly steals the spotlight, attracting masses of eager competitors.


But Gold Coast Swim Week is about more than just races—it’s a holistic celebration of the swimming community. Throughout the week, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in small group sessions and clinics led by leading coaches and special guests. From refining technique to mastering open water skills, these sessions offer a unique chance to receive expert guidance while soaking in the beauty of the Gold Coast’s favourite training locations.


Events at Cooly Classic Ocean Swim 2024 


Cooly 5.0 (5.0km)


Prepare for the ultimate challenge: a 5.0km marathon swim. The course extends the 3.0km route, with swimmers turning near the North Kirra SLSC before returning to Kirra Beach. Only 200 swimmers can participate, so secure your spot when entries open.


Cooly 3.0 (3.0km)


For seasoned ocean swimmers seeking a more significant challenge than the usual 2.0km distance, the 3.0km long course awaits. Following a similar format to the 2.0km course, this new route includes an additional leg beyond Kirra Point.


Cooly 1000


Opting for a shorter course, the Cooly 1000 offers a 1.0km option from Coolangatta to Kirra Beach. Perfect for novice ocean swimmers, it maintains the popular point-to-point format.


Cooly Classic 2.0


The Cooly Classic 2.0 is the event’s highlight, drawing large crowds every year. Starting at Snapper Rocks surf break, the course heads north along the coast. It then passes Rainbow Bay, Greenmount, and Coolangatta before finishing at Kirra Beach.


Junior Giants (1000m)


Designed for kids aged 10 to 16, the Junior Giants event allows young swimmers to compete within their age group. Family and friends are encouraged to join in and swim alongside the kids. The 1000m event follows the same format as the Cooly 1000, starting at Coolangatta Beach.




Various prizes are up for grabs at all World Series Swims events. The elite swimmers can compete for cash prizes in select races. On event day, presentations will include overall prizes for each event (male and female). The age group prizes will be sent to winners once the results are finalized.


Join the Excitement in these two Big Events at Coolangatta!


So, as the countdown to Gold Coast Swim Week begins, swimmers from far and wide are gearing up for an unforgettable experience. With the promise of thrilling races, expert coaching, and endless coastal charm, this event will make a splash in the hearts of all who attend.


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