10 Top Coffee Bean Roasters On The Gold Coast?

Coffee is essential for many people in the morning to help them wake up and start their day. For some, it is the only thing that can get them moving and get them through their work. So, what are the 10 top coffee bean roasters on the Gold Coast? Here is an article to learn more about them!


Let’s explore the 10 top coffee bean roasters on the Gold Coast including First Fruits Specialty Coffee, Merlo Coffee Southport Torrefazione, Silipo Coffee, Paradox Coffee Roasters, Zephyr Coffee Co., Koko Coffee Roasters, Blackboard Coffee Roasters, Quest Coffee Roasters, Social Espresso, and South Coast Coffee Co. You can learn more about the Gold Coast’s top coffee bean roasters below.


If you’re a coffee lover, you’ll be interested to know that there is a group of skilled coffee roasters on the Gold Coast. Also, these clever roasters create delicious coffee blends, and we have to say they’re very good at what they do. So, next time you’re craving a tasty coffee, try one of the fresh coffee beans on the Gold Coast. The following coffee shops provide not only delicious java but also a comfortable and inviting atmosphere to relax with friends or get some work done. Be sure to check out these Queensland coffee roasters the next time you need your caffeine fix!


First Fruits Specialty Coffee


The company believes coffee is an art form and strives to perfect its craft. First Fruits only use the highest quality beans, and they roast them to perfection. First Fruits is a coffee company based in Labrador and Southport. 


They offer award-winning coffee roasted in the store and a delicious and fresh menu made by exceptional chefs. This is excellent for a good cuppa coffee or a leisurely meal. In addition, it’s a perfect place for kids due to its fully enclosed playground. First Fruits has a fully functional coffee roastery and barista training school. Here is their official site: https://www.firstfruits.coffee/


Address: 129-133 Olsen Avenue, Labrador and 1 Griffith Way, Southport



Merlo Coffee Southport Torrefazione


Visiting Merlo Coffee Torrefazione feels like finding your way to Italy in the heart of Southport. With its stunning design and impressive menu, Merlo Coffee Torrefazione is the perfect place to enjoy coffee without leaving the Gold Coast! 


A coffee lover’s paradise! This Italian-style coffee house not only has an in-store air roaster, ensuring a steady supply of fresh espresso. But they offer a wide variety of other coffee-related products and services. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beans to brew at home or want to enjoy a delicious cup of joe, Merlo’s Torrefazione has you covered. Here is their official site: https://www.merlo.com.au/


Address: The Brickworks Centre – Market, 107 Ferry Rd, Southport  



Silipo Coffee


Silipo Coffee’s experienced and passionate team works hard to ensure that only the best green coffee beans are sourced from farms worldwide. Having been in the coffee business for over 20 years, they are highly experienced and know precisely how to make the perfect brew. 


They take great pride in providing their customers with high-quality coffee beans Gold Coast. They strive to find the best beans possible by sourcing organic and fair-trade beans from around the world. This results in some of the tastiest coffee that you will ever have. You can enjoy a cup of this delicious coffee in their store or take some beans home with you to make your perfect cup of coffee. Here is their official site: https://www.silipocoffee.com.au/


Address: 9/54 Bailey Crescent, Southport



Paradox Coffee Roasters


Paradox Coffee Roasters is all about coffee and its journey from farm to cup. They believe in purchasing quality green coffee beans from estate farms where farmers receive a fair wage. By working directly with these farmers, they can create long-lasting relationships. 


The roasting team at this coffee company has over 15 years of experience in coffee production and is committed to producing the highest quality coffee there is. They believe that by supporting the growth and success of their wholesale partners, they will in turn be successful. To do this, they provide barista education and training, high quality equipment and service. Here is their official site: https://paradoxroasters.com/


Address: 10 Beach Road, Surfers Paradise



Zephyr Coffee Co.


Zephyr Coffee Co. is another great reason to come to the area. The coffee is top quality, and the atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing. It’s worth a visit. They work with coffee growers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability, and who produce some of the best coffee beans in the world. 


Zephyr Coffee Co.’s method is unique because they use air roasting. The process of air roasting coffee is different from drum roasting because it takes less time, and the coffee has an aromatic and consistent taste. You can drop by their café any day of the week to enjoy one of the best jaffles on the Coast. You won’t be disappointed if you stop by for a visit. Here is their official site: https://zephyrcoffee.com/


Address: 1 Churchill Street, Coolangatta



Koko Coffee Roasters


They believe every cup of coffee should be perfect and strive to provide their customers with the best possible experience. Koko Coffee Roasters is passionate about roasting quality coffee. 


This means constantly experimenting with different brewing methods. Besides, they try out new beans and blends and hone their fine-tuning skills so they can deliver a delicious cup.


The Roastery is where they roast to order using hand-crafted small batch roasting techniques. The Roastery is an exploration ground where they try out ideas and hone the skills. They offer public and private cupping sessions as well as training to help people better understand the coffee-making process. You can also buy beans and brewing equipment to take home with you. Here is their official site: 




Address: 17 Karen Avenue, Mermaid Beach



Blackboard Coffee Roasters


They have worked hard to perfect their craft, which shows in their product. Blackboard Coffee Roasters has been one of the most well-known producers of high-quality coffee beans on the Gold Coast for nearly ten years. 


Their unique coffee capsules, made from biodegradable materials, are an innovative way to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee. No matter your preference, you’re sure to find a coffee that suits your taste, and they always come up with new ways to improve the coffee experience. If you haven’t had the chance to try their coffee beans, you can try one of the cafes on Gold Coast that offers their beans. Their coffee is delicious and worth trying! Here is their official site: https://blackboardcoffee.com.au/


Address: 2b/12 Hampton Road Burleigh Heads 4220



Quest Coffee Roasters


For many years now, Quest Coffee Roasters have been storming the coffee roasting scene with their exceptional brews. They take pride in providing top-quality roasted organic coffee beans to homes and businesses across Australia. 


Indeed, they partner with environmentally conscious cafes and businesses that need organic coffee beans, teas, and barista supplies. They believe everyone deserves to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee made with premium ingredients, which is why they only roast the highest quality organic coffee beans. The espresso bar has you covered if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up. Here is their official site: https://www.questcoffee.com.au/


Address: 20 James Street, Burleigh Heads



Social Espresso


You can take them home to pop in your machine, making it easy and convenient to get your coffee fixed. Social Espresso is dedicated to helping cafés grow and succeed. They offer easy access to all the products, services, and training to learn how to create delicious coffee. Not only can you visit Social Espresso, but you’ll also find their roasts at cafes around the Coast.


You can rest assured that you’ll be handed a perfect cup of joe every time you order from this coffee shop. The baristas take pride in their work, crafting each drink with passion and knowledge. Whether you’re a coffee lover or simply looking for a pick-me-up, this is the place to go. Here is their official site: https://www.socialespresso.com.au/


Address: 1/30 Fremantle Street, Burleigh Heads



South Coast Coffee Co.


This Isle of Capri-based roastery strongly believes in quality coffee cup creation. South Coast Coffee Co. believes that great coffee isn’t created by accident – it is designed to be great from the start. Pomeroys Coffee Roasters underwent a rebrand in mid 2020, becoming South Coast Coffee Co. The company felt that their new name better reflected who they are – coffee roasters who started their journey on the Gold Coast in 2015.


They’ve won numerous national titles over the last five years. They’re certainly cautious in their approach to creating blends, considering all the variables affecting a coffee bean’s flavor profile. Here is their official site: https://sccoffee.com.au/


Address: Capri, Via Roma Shopping Centre Shop 3G10, 15 Via Roma, Surfers Paradise



So, What Are The Best Coffee Bean Roasters On The Gold Coast?


Are you looking for the best coffee beans or simply looking for the best coffee roasters near you? Regardless, the Queensland coffee roasters on Gold Coast are indeed making their name, and their coffee is a must-try. 


I am a big fan of coffee myself, and having all these options on the Gold Coast is a delight! If you want something new, you can try out Blackboard Coffee Roasters’ unique coffee. Quest Coffee Roasters is the one for you if you are into top-quality organic beans. The ambiance in Merlo Coffee Southport Torrefazione is exciting, too. Indeed, every coffee shop on the Gold Coast is worth a visit!


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